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Matisyahu’s voice crackles through the phone. “I was going over the Brooklyn Bridge, sorry. Any bridge going from Manhattan to Brooklyn breaks up reception,” he says. He is surprisingly soft spoken for such a powerful reggae-rock musician and someone who has a singing voice that soars. Continue reading


Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Disneyland was the place of a musical epiphany for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy trumpeter Glen “the kid” Marhevka. Unlike most 11 year-olds, it wasn’t Mickey or Donald that made a lasting impression and he didn’t even go near the rides; instead, it was seeing jazz legend Cab Calloway in full swing that captivated him. “He’s definitely been a big influence on the band, and for myself,” Marhevka says. “We just love his style and energy.” Continue reading

Real Books or Ebooks?

They weigh 221 grams, hold 1000 books and are sucking the romance out of reading. They’ll “change the way you read forever,” according to the Borders website. But is this a good thing? Continue reading

Music speaks louder than words

It would be hard to imagine a world without music. Music is a timeless art form that is always present – when we watch television, when we walk through a shopping centre and whenever we turn the radio on. However, aside from entertaining us, the most important and timeless purpose of music is to communicate. Continue reading

Fame: No Pain, No Gain

Three expressionless faces were looking at me from the table at the front of the room. In the giant mirror behind them, I thought I could see myself shaking as my clammy hands proffered the CD I’d been clutching. Self-consciously I flattened the hastily written number sticking to the stomach of my leotard. For years I had a casual relationship with dance. But this audition was the beginning of a passionate affair. Continue reading

Ode To Ellie


Are you familiar with the song River Deep, Mountain High? Perhaps you know the Beach Boys and their song And Then I Kissed Her or The Ronettes version of Be My Baby from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Or it could be the classic girl group song Leader Of The Pack, again The Ronettes. If you have a best of the 50s or 60s compilation CD, chances are you know Ellie Greenwich.

An American pop composer and producer, Greenwich was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame in 1991 with her one time husband and music collaborator Jeff Barry. Greenwich discovered Neil Diamond and published much of his early music and in 2004, Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 greatest rock songs included six Greenwich-Barry compositions. Last year I saw a stage production of the story of her life. Sadly, she died on August 26 at the age of 69.

old vs new


IPodClassic_LH_080507Check out the article I wrote about the pro’s and con’s of vinyl for online magazine Upstart. Personally, I love the idea of owning something solid, whether it be a vinyl record or a CD. However, I could never live without my ipod! What do you reckon?