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Mumford and Sons sigh no more.

When the softly strumming guitar and the harmonious voices of Mumford and Sons fill the room, I immediately assume that I’m in for a record of calmly earnest folk music. Little do I know that the opening title track of Sigh No More will build to dark, driving bluegrass. When the lyrics tell me “love will not betray, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free,” I imagine my fist punching the air like an impassioned revolutionary. Continue reading


Graveyard Train at the Gem

graveyard train

As rain tumbled from the Melbourne sky we pushed open the doors to the Gem and were enveloped in golden light. The dreary weather hadn’t deterred the scraggly group of locals, young and old, assembled in the small front room. Memorabilia, photos and chalkboard menus covered the timber walls and the smell of beer greeted us as we ventured inside. Continue reading

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Keep It In The Family

Kitty (16), Daisy (21) and Lewis (19) Durham are three siblings from London who don’t look like your average teens. Dressed in rockabilly vintage, the multiinstrumentalists treat us to thigh slapping country bluesish rock ‘n’ roll. Continuing the vintage theme, Lewis built a recording studio at the family home and kitted it out with 1940’s and 50’s recording equipment, pictured in the Going Up The Country film clip, which at times gives me a distict Andrews Sisters vibe. They don’t use any computers or digital equipment during the recording process.

The trio’s following is steadily growing, possibly aided by supporting Coldplay on their American Viva La Vida tour. The siblings also played Galstonbury music festival in 2007 and 2008. When they play live, it is often a family affair with their parents joining them on stage playing guitar and double bass for a rollicking performance (as captured on YouTube). The Durhams will be venturing to Melbourne to play at The Corner Hotel on 11th December, and Meredith Music Festival the same weekend.

PS. Look out for the smashing harmonica solo that appears in most of their songs.