Monthly Archives: May 2010

Real Books or Ebooks?

They weigh 221 grams, hold 1000 books and are sucking the romance out of reading. They’ll “change the way you read forever,” according to the Borders website. But is this a good thing? Continue reading


Groovin’ The Moo

Photo: Stefanie Enconniere

The queue snaked around the fence-line of the Bendigo showgrounds. Everyone was eager to get inside and impatiently waiting to file through the narrow entrance.  Above the chatter of the crowd I could hear the earlier bands. Neon Love, Spoon and Muph & Plutonic had already played when I arrived at Groovin’ the Moo, the travelling music festival that has been rolling into regional towns since 2005. Bendigo was on the map this year for only the second time, and tickets sold out for the occasion. This was an all-ages festival, the site spilt by a barrier designating the licensed area. Continue reading

Music speaks louder than words

It would be hard to imagine a world without music. Music is a timeless art form that is always present – when we watch television, when we walk through a shopping centre and whenever we turn the radio on. However, aside from entertaining us, the most important and timeless purpose of music is to communicate. Continue reading