Monthly Archives: November 2009

Sea Wolf – White Water, White Bloom

L.A.’s Alex Brown Church wrote lots of songs for his band, Irving. It was just a problem that they didn’t fit the band’s style. So, toting his acoustic guitar, he rambled away from Irving to fire up his own act, Sea Wolf. Church is now flaunting his sophomore album, White Water, White Bloom. Continue reading


The Drums – Summertime

Not since the Beach Boys has surf pop actually enticed me to try and surf (which isn’t a bad thing – I’m a terrible surfer). But, aptly named Summertime, the debut album for Californian duo The Drums has me waxing down my board, so to speak. Continue reading

Mumford and Sons sigh no more.

When the softly strumming guitar and the harmonious voices of Mumford and Sons fill the room, I immediately assume that I’m in for a record of calmly earnest folk music. Little do I know that the opening title track of Sigh No More will build to dark, driving bluegrass. When the lyrics tell me “love will not betray, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free,” I imagine my fist punching the air like an impassioned revolutionary. Continue reading