old vs new


IPodClassic_LH_080507Check out the article I wrote about the pro’s and con’s of vinyl for online magazine Upstart. Personally, I love the idea of owning something solid, whether it be a vinyl record or a CD. However, I could never live without my ipod! What do you reckon?


2 responses to “old vs new

  1. I am now a hard copy music only sort of guy. Although, this is not really by choice. I lost my ipod a while back which made me realize I was an ipod addict. For ages afterwards I struggled to walk, run, study and work, all because I didn’t have an ipod. I have finally reached the stage where I can walk the 500m to the supermaket and not get bored because of the lack of music. The first stage on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem…

  2. I love having something physical as well but due to lack of space in my apartment my collection of vinyl and CD’s is mostly housed at my parents. I am an iPod addict as well, it makes the two-hour (each way) trip to uni tolerable.

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