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Cloud Control – Bliss Release

Since meeting at a rehearsal for a local musical, Blue Mountains four piece Cloud Control have been producing whimsical tunes culminating in the release of their aptly named debut album, Bliss Release. Opener Meditation Song #2 begins sweetly and softly with singers Al Wright and Heidi Lenffer’s unique voices melding together perfectly, particularly on the higher notes. Continue reading


Dark Was The Night (very delayed review, sorry!)

What could be better than a double disc compilation of new music and covers from the who’s who of indie acts? One whose profits benefit the international charity, Red Hot Organisation which is dedicated to raising funds and awareness of HIV Aids. Continue reading

Naked In The Woods

The gang at FReeZACentral, a government initiative involving a mentoring program for those new to the music industry, has bottled up a surge of girl power. They’ve recorded a diverse array of tracks to introduce some little-known but talented female artists to our welcoming ears, alongside some more familiar names. Continue reading

The Drums – Summertime

Not since the Beach Boys has surf pop actually enticed me to try and surf (which isn’t a bad thing – I’m a terrible surfer). But, aptly named Summertime, the debut album for Californian duo The Drums has me waxing down my board, so to speak. Continue reading

Mumford and Sons sigh no more.

When the softly strumming guitar and the harmonious voices of Mumford and Sons fill the room, I immediately assume that I’m in for a record of calmly earnest folk music. Little do I know that the opening title track of Sigh No More will build to dark, driving bluegrass. When the lyrics tell me “love will not betray, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free,” I imagine my fist punching the air like an impassioned revolutionary. Continue reading

by the wayside, these guys are good

Canvas Kites

Canvas Kites are three vintage clad lads from Sydney. Their song Wayside, which is admittedly all I’ve heard so far, is an indie-pop romp through charming verses and catchy choruses. With percussion enjoyably heavy on the symbols and hi-hat, guitar with just the right amount of intricacy and lyrics delivered in a voice with impressive range, the song is hard not to like. It’s like a modern-day Smiths melody with Aussie larrikinism. The film-clip even gives us glimpses of the opera house and a harbour ferry, just so we don’t forget where they’re from.

If you are in Sydney, the Canvas Kites are enjoying a residency at The Oxford Art Factory and will be venturing to Melbourne in October to play The Evelyn. Hopefully I’ll be able to check them out then and report back on more than one song! Until then, their Myspace has details of other gigs, including some with Oh Mercy, young Melbourne indie-poppers that are touring like mad promoting their first album.