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sonic punk

The other day a uni friend of mine mentioned that The Sonics were one of his favourite bands. Cool, I know them, I thought to myself. They’re like the Kinks but American. Apparently not. My friend described them as one of the earliest punk bands. The Sonics I know were around in the early to mid 60s and punk only gained momentum in the 70s. I must be thinking of the wrong band, silly me!

Later that night I trawled through the long-forgotten depths of my ipod and sure enough I came across a handful of Sonics songs. If these were records they’d be dusty but since we’re talking digital files here, I only hypothetically blew the dust off before giving them a spin. As the high energy yet simple guitar riffs peppered with rockin’ sax and crazy vocal screams bombarded my headphones, I realised that with rock ‘n’ roll classics like Louie Louie, Have Love Will Travel, Roll Over Beethoven and Good Golly Miss Molly, it’s no wonder I considered them nothing more than another rock ‘n’ roll band. Continue reading