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Jellicle cats come out to play

Figures moved amongst the shadows of the theatre, lithe and probing as they stalked through the aisles of seated people. Their eyes glistened in the dark, their tails flicked restlessly behind them and their ears were silhouetted against the greenish glow of the empty stage. Continue reading


Parklife – A Dance Festival

Front and center at The Rapture set, amongst the tangled limbs of hundreds of sweaty strangers trying to dance and jump could have been a bad move. But was it worth it? Hell yeah. Continue reading

Fame: No Pain, No Gain

Three expressionless faces were looking at me from the table at the front of the room. In the giant mirror behind them, I thought I could see myself shaking as my clammy hands proffered the CD I’d been clutching. Self-consciously I flattened the hastily written number sticking to the stomach of my leotard. For years I had a casual relationship with dance. But this audition was the beginning of a passionate affair. Continue reading