Sea Wolf – White Water, White Bloom

L.A.’s Alex Brown Church wrote lots of songs for his band, Irving. It was just a problem that they didn’t fit the band’s style. So, toting his acoustic guitar, he rambled away from Irving to fire up his own act, Sea Wolf. Church is now flaunting his sophomore album, White Water, White Bloom. Produced by Mike Mogis (of Bright Eyes and now the folk-rock supergroup Monsters of Folk), it’s a rich orchestral tapestry peppered with weeping violins, whimsical piano and Church’s warbled, poetic licks. Broaching love, memories and the mythological Greek huntsman, Orion, White Water is a folk album that occasionally leans on rockier stuff for sustained interest. “O Maria” is an exceptional example of a heavier song but “The Orchard” channels Simon and Garfunkel like a dorky kid emulates his all-grown-up brother (except Church isn’t dorky). This bandwagon is worth jumping on: Sea Wolf is chipping in a song to the New Moon soundtrack alongside Death Cab For Cutie, the Killers, the Editors, Grizzly Bear and Thom Yorke. So get on it, before a teaming troop of vampire lusting teen girls does.


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