Cloud Control – Bliss Release

Since meeting at a rehearsal for a local musical, Blue Mountains four piece Cloud Control have been producing whimsical tunes culminating in the release of their aptly named debut album, Bliss Release. Opener Meditation Song #2 begins sweetly and softly with singers Al Wright and Heidi Lenffer’s unique voices melding together perfectly, particularly on the higher notes.

Ghost Story’s haunting vocals and lyrics like “I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up,” are slightly creepy and the song is uncharacteristically mysterious, yet a welcome point of interest on the otherwise bright album. The Born Ruffians-esque track, Gold Canary, has received good reviews and airplay time but it is the sunny This Is What I Said and the poignant Just For Now that caught my attention on the first play.

What makes Cloud Control so interesting though, is their ability to make pop music sound so innocent and mood lifting, while orchestrating unusual instruments into the compositions. They have similarities to the Born Ruffians, Fleet Foxes and The Arcade Fire but their songs are unique in that they often use heavy electric guitars to contrast breezy vocals, achieving a blissful sound. It’s been almost a year since the release of their self-titled EP and if this great young band keeps going the way they have been, we can expect more great albums to come.


When their debut EP was first released in 2007, I bought it purely for the album artwork, not knowing anything about Cloud Control. They're now one of my favourite Australian acts.


Update: Keep your eyes peeled for them at the upcoming (2010) Meredith Music Festival – they’ve been announced in the lineup!


One response to “Cloud Control – Bliss Release

  1. Hi there, I just found a copy of their EP in the markdown bin at JB Hi-fi and it scanned as a deleted item! Seems it has been in store since 07′. Really into these guys since I saw them in March (as support for the Foo Fighters) in Brisbane. Maybe this EP might be one of those rare collectibles for fans? Anyways, great review! Adz

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