by the wayside, these guys are good

Canvas Kites

Canvas Kites are three vintage clad lads from Sydney. Their song Wayside, which is admittedly all I’ve heard so far, is an indie-pop romp through charming verses and catchy choruses. With percussion enjoyably heavy on the symbols and hi-hat, guitar with just the right amount of intricacy and lyrics delivered in a voice with impressive range, the song is hard not to like. It’s like a modern-day Smiths melody with Aussie larrikinism. The film-clip even gives us glimpses of the opera house and a harbour ferry, just so we don’t forget where they’re from.

If you are in Sydney, the Canvas Kites are enjoying a residency at The Oxford Art Factory and will be venturing to Melbourne in October to play The Evelyn. Hopefully I’ll be able to check them out then and report back on more than one song! Until then, their Myspace has details of other gigs, including some with Oh Mercy, young Melbourne indie-poppers that are touring like mad promoting their first album.


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