music meets fashion

flamingocrash trimapee4

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week showcases the best of Australian fashion but also, as I discovered last week, some great Aussie music. Check out what I wrote about the fashion for online magazine Upstart but remember, I was also there for the music.

After the fashion show, the crowd headed for the bar. Huge amps around the abandoned warehouse pumped out throbbing dance music while we collected our free beverages. My hands turned to ice as I clutched two glass bottles that were, until a few seconds ago, submerged in a mush of frozen water.

Suddenly, a guitar cut through the noise and echoed around the cavernous room. Let the real show begin. It took me a while to realise where the sound was coming from, as I was standing directly in front of the bar. When I moved back a few paces and looked towards the ceiling, I noticed them.

Boy vs girl were assembled on a raised platform above the bar. I hope they weren’t drunk or overly enthusiastic dancers because they could easily plummet to their death. Instead, they played a good set, although it was hard to focus on them when my neck began aching.

Triple J unearthed winner Tom Ugly took to the stage next, followed by Brisbane indie-rockers Flamingo Crash. It was a nice, low key, local lineup who all played energetic if not brilliant sets. The main downside was that they were hard to see. I suppose since it was a fashion event they didn’t want the music to upstage the clothes!



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