Lisa Mitchell at The Corner

As the red velvet curtain opens, an elf-like girl skips into view banging a tambourine. Other band members, bounding around, limbs flailing, follow her. Multi-coloured globes, brown fabric gum trees and a string of bright triangle flags adorn the stage. I feel like I am at a medieval fair.

Indeed, the first thing that Lisa Mitchell says is “welcome to the forest”. She doesn’t know where we are exactly, just some unspecified forest. After only one sentence and half a song, she has already captured my imagination.

Mitchell’s acoustic folk-pop is charmingly honest. In Stevie, the 19-year-old’s smoky voice tells us of a primary school friend and their falling out. She closes her eyes as she sings. The guy behind me remarks that she’s got an amazing voice.

When she announces that many of her songs are love songs, I wonder how someone so young can write so much about love. Before she covers Dire Straits Romeo and Juliet, she tells us that it’s at her Dad’s request. “See, I cater for all ages”.

It’s not until late in the set that Mitchell ventures into her recent hits. The audience gets enthusiastic about Neapolitan Dreams and Coin Laundry, clapping and singing along. What I adore about Lisa Mitchell is her obvious thrill at people enjoying her music. Throughout the set, we are continuously thanked for our support.


Since performing at the Glastonbury music festival earlier this year, Mitchell released her first full-length album, Wonder. She will also be performing at this year’s Falls Festival.

On Wednesday I’m off to see Sarah Blasko and I can’t wait! It will be interesting to compare the two singers with quite a similar folk-pop style. I’ll tell you all about it!

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